Company Profile:
Abay Pharma is a licenced pharmaceutical Whole­saler company based in capital city of Ankara/Turkey in 2007. Abay Pharma is leading tender wholesaler Company in Turkey. Abay pharma Trade Pharmaceuticals was created to serve Medical sector with the priniciples of honest and level pharmaceutical whole­saler, stocks management. Abay Pharma's team including 35 employees with the 25 years experience and expert staff has the vision to be local, regional and international supplier. And it continues to serve medical sector with­out sacrificing quality, prioritising precious customers' satisfaction in the competetiveness rules framework. In 2011 a second company has established, headquartered in Duhok and Erbil in Iraq and in 2012 another company in Bulgaria and part­nership in Libia. Abay Pharma provides worldwide product sourcing from only reputable companies, supply only branded medicines, ge­nerics and medical supplies. Abay Pharma deals with more than 35 countries from Middle East to Europe, from North America to Japan. Our mission is to offer the most competetive price with the highest quality and optimum delivery on time. With the experienced team our specialities include import/export and goverment, non goverment tenders in Turkey and in other countries. Abay Pharma is a global trading company in Pharmaceutical, Medi­cal and Cosmetics Business launced by experienced group of profes­sionals and most experienced well known Family members in Pharma and FMCG sector in Turkey since 1985.

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Countries Export to:
Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Bulgaria, Ghana, Libya, England, Poland, Germany

Creams, Cosmetics, Vials, Fruit Puree, Baby Shampoo, Soaps, Vitamins, Pedometers, Shampoos, Baby Foods, Gels, Shower Gels, Lotions, Nail Clippers, Medical Products, Medical Supplies, Orthopedic Products, Drugs, Pharmaceutical Products, Fennel Tea, Protective Gel, Wipes, Epilating Waxes, Tonics, Thermometers, Armbands, Bandages, Toothbrushes, Comforters, Breast Pads, Pregnancy Tests, Gauze, Herbal Teas, Fruit Teas, Dressings, Massage Oils, Toothpastes, Diagnostic Products, Fish Oil, Respirators, Food Supplement Products, Insulin Injections, Enteral Products, Hemophilia Products, Blood Products, Hemophilia Drugs, Blood Drugs, Perfumery Products, Nasal Sprays, Eye Sprays, Wool Corsets, Wool Leggings, Elastic Bandages, Cicatrizant Sprays, Diabetes Medicines, Heel Straps, Silicone Pads, Acne Bands, Baby Care Sets, Body Gels, Pale Bands, Talc Powder, Foot Sprays, Snoring Devices, Corsetry, Herbal Syrups, Fat Blocker, Appetite Reducers, Carminative Drops, Green Teas, Folic Acid, Cough Syrups, Blend Teas, Baby Biscuits, Herbal Coffees, Proteins, Foot Gel, Medicaments, Pastilles, Medicinal Drugs, Nutritional Products, Pacifiers, Patches, Mouthwashes, Flax Seeds, Diagnostic Product, Insulin Protectors, Diabetes Drugs, Body Milk, Plaster Bandages, Facial Sponges, Digital Degrees, Pulse Oximeters, Epicondylitis Bandages, Eczema Drugs, Otobronz Sprays, Reconstructive Creams, Ear Cleaning Sticks, Baby Bottles, Salt Soaps

Established Date: 2010  Tax Office: Başkent  Tax Number: 0010708915  Staff Count: 26-50  Export Specialist: Neslihan ABAY